Here at Just gas we work mostly with combi boilers as its better for smaller homes and families.

A combi boiler supplies water from the mains supply and heats it as your using it whereas a normal conventional boiler heats up one load of water at a time. If you have a bigger family with multiple bathrooms then a conventional boiler is a great choice for you as it can supply hot water efficiently to multiple appliances at one time.

Combi boilers can not efficiently supply hot water to two taps at the same time which is why they’re more convenient for smaller families, as they don’t take up much space at all.

Here’s a combi boiler we installed at the beginning of this year for a smaller house. It was perfectly suited to them and their living needs.


Today we have Rob and Matt carrying on the commercial install in Torquay and we have Sam all around the bay fitting parts, going to engineer call outs and servicing appliances