How to know if your system needs a Powerflush?

  • Are some rooms in your property a lot colder than others?

  • Do you think you bleed your radiators way too often?

  • Is the boiler making funny noises or vibrations?

  • Does it seem to take a long time for your home to warm up?

  • Is there uneven heat in the radiators?

This may mean you need a good clean out of the system to get rid of any “sludge” you may have blocking the system from running efficiently.

It can help with energy savings and household bills. It even extends the life on your current system.

One of our highly trained engineers can come to your property a test all of the systems and advice and quote for you to have a power flush in your home.

You will certainly know the difference when the engineer has left how much better your heating is and we even have different devices to prove the difference it’s made with the temperatures in the house

Powerflushing is a process where we will thoroughly clean the whole of your heating system to make sure it’s all running perfectly and your getting the most out of your central heating system.