About Us

Gas Safe Heating Engineers

A family run business since 2005

From grassroots to a team of trusted, reliable engineers and support staff, Just Gas Ltd has been established and grown over 19 years. Managing Director, Graham, formed the company at just 21 yrs old, soon after completing an apprenticeship. Today, he runs the business with his wife and fellow company director, Laura.

What can you expect from us?

Our friendly staff will always arrive in company uniform and are fully qualified to carry out the required work. They will also come supplied with the appropriate tools and a great attitude to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

All Just Gas Ltd engineers carry company ID and you will be informed beforehand which engineer will be calling around to help you. This is for your safety so don’t be afraid to ask to see their ID.

After 19 years of business, Just Gas Ltd has built a great team of staff to help you and we will always have the time to talk to you, helping with any heating and plumbing issues you have.

Our local engineers will come to you at a time that suits you best, as we know you have a busy schedule and carry out the job as quickly and efficiently as they can. You will then be emailed any invoices or certificates as necessary.

Meet The Team

Graham White

Company Director

In all honesty I’m a bit of a nerd, I love any documentary about space, nature, geography (including planning skiing holidays). I love the action genre films with the top obviously being DIE HARD!!!

I like to think freely and dislike being told what to do, I’m a leader not a follower. Just like my favourite song Viva La Vida “that was when I ruled the world”

Laura White

Company Director

Graham may think he’s the boss but actually I clearly wear the trousers.

I love competing in running events and this year I will be completing the Spartan Trifeca World Championships in Greece, However I don’t like fruit or vegetables so I never get my 5 a day. (veg wise) My favourite song which sums me up is dancing queen, because I am THE dancing queen.

My favourite film though is the conjuring because I love giving myself the creeps.

That’s why I married graham


Office Manager

They call me the festival King, as I try to go to as many as possible with my beautiful wife, the festival Queen. I enjoy watching British directed films, and have completed the London marathon. As Laura doesn’t eat fruit and veg I make sure I eat enough for her and me. However I don’t like unnecessary chatter


Head Engineer

I’m interested in human anatomy. Occasionally I like to sing along to my favourite film Mama Mia. My biggest dislike though is boring chores, but then who likes chores.



 I love to spend my weekends walking my doggy with the kids and hiking. I also organise local beach cleans within the bay. My favourite film I would have to say is pans labyrinth. I like understanding different film concepts and believe if a film is subtitled you get another level to the story. My biggest dislike is plastic and food waste. I believe in a sustainable future and helping to save our plant

An interesting fact would be that I once saved a sheep from a dog attack



I enjoy any mixed martial arts and competing wherever and whenever I can.

My favourite films are the twilight saga. I’ve read all the books and find the films fascinating. I’m interested in all fantasy/cosplay and enjoy going to conventions which is where I met Robert Patterson.

I dislike spicy foods as It hurts my sensitive tongue and soul

An interesting fact would be I adopt albino hedgehogs because they can’t live in the wild


Handy Man

I enjoy doing things in my own time without feeling rushed or stressed. I like to keep up with general politics but also like listening to the dance mix on radio one on a Friday. Let’s see the weekend in right. I’m very interested in the super bowl and all American football