Since starting Just Gas in July 2014, Rob has come very far and stayed extremely motivated for all the jobs he’s goes too. He is excited to make this his lifetime career! after more than two years at college, Rob has completed a vast amount of work to get him all of his qualifications. This means Rob will now be able to complete all gas related jobs by himself.

Before Rob started with us, he was doing his apprenticeship with a different company. Unfortunately that company couldn’t further his career with gas engineering. That’s where we stepped in and took him forward with his goals!


Although he’s not much of a poser, he really is a valid member of our team! We wish him the best with all of his qualifications. His great sense of humour never fails to make us all laugh here at Just Gas headquarters! We have lots of customers say how great he is too!

He worked along side Matt for most of his apprenticeship and they worked great as a team doing the boiler installations. Here’s what Matt had to say about him-

“Rob is very knowledgeable for his age, sometimes he even surprises me with how much he knows. He is very good when he puts his mind to things.”


We are super proud of Rob and he finishes college next Thursday when he hands his last bit of paperwork in! We are all so proud of you