Today we have-

  • Engineers in Paignton
  • Engineers in Dartmouth
  • Engineers in South Brent
  • Engineers in Brixham
  • Engineers in Torquay

What we are doing-

Replacing taps in Dartmouth

Boiler Services in Dartmouth

Boiler Installation Quote in Dartmouth

Commercial Boiler Installation quote in Brixham

Boiler Fault in Brixham

Installing a new gas valve in Paignton

Gas fire services in Paignton

Boiler Services in Paignton

Hot water fault in Brixham

Boiler services in Torquay

Landlords Safety Certificates/ Gas safety checks in Torquay

Boiler Installation in South Brent


We hear a lot of customers say “what is the point in a boiler service?” They wonder how is it beneficial to them? It isn’t a repair so why do they need it?

Well, if your boiler is under guarantee, it is essential to have a boiler service done to keep the guarantee in place! It also checks everything to maybe detect future problems that may occur and get them fixed as soon as possible instead of making the problem worse. This will mean you will have to pay out a lot more by making the problem worse rather than solving it before it becomes a bigger issue. A boiler service is also at little cost and may save your families lives by getting it checked annually.

photo_20161027085959-jpg photo_20161027102416-jpg

These are two photos taken from Sam this morning for a couple of his jobs. We’ve fitted a new gas valve and the picture on the left is all the readings. Unfortunately we have also had to condemn a gas fire.