Today we have-

  • Engineers in Paignton
  • Engineers in Brixham
  • Engineers in Buckfastleigh
  • Engineers in Dartmouth

What we are doing-

Dealing with a boiler breakdown in Brixham

We are doing a boiler installation quote in Buckfastleigh

Boiler services in Paignton

Boiler services in Brixham

Boiler services in Dartmouth

Landlord Safety Checks in Dartmouth

Fixing a boiler fault in Dartmouth

Installing a new full central heating system in Brixham


Top Tips Tuesday!

As well as trying to help our customers over the phone and talk through and issues they are having we also present YouTube videos which walkthrough how to use and clean appliances. We are very happy with the views and good feedback we have received from these videos. We are glad we have been able to help so many with such a simple concept.

As well as trying to help our customers in anyway we can we love giving out our best tips on how to make sure everything is running swiftly and smoothly.

Best tip-

Take a couple minutes out of your day on a windy day to make sure there’s no drafts coming in inside your home such as bathroom cabinets, garages and the attic. This is because the temperature will drop drastically which makes you think to turn the heating on which will yes make it warmer, but you may not possibly need it on if you didn’t have the drafts coming through. This means you’ll save a lot more money!


This is a cooker Matt installed yesterday, good job Matt!

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