Today we have-

  • Engineers in Chagford
  • Engineers in Torquay
  • Engineers in Paignton
  • Engineers in Brixham
  • Engineers in Totnes

What we are doing-

Plumbing works at a swim centre in Torquay

Boiler installation in Chagford

Boiler Installation quote in Torquay

LPG works in Totnes

Boiler services in Paignton

Boiler services in Brixham

Removing a gas fire in Brixham

Installing a new gas cooker in Brixham

Fixing a boiler fault in Paignton


Here’s a boiler Matt installed yesterday. Our engineers always take pictures of our work to put on our system which helps the efficiency of us here at the office!


Rob may be a bit squished! This shows our engineers always do what they can to ensure the job is done to the highest possible standard!