Today we have-

  • Engineers in Paignton
  • Engineers in Brixham
  • Engineers in Torquay
  • Engineers in Newton Abbot
  • Engineers in Whilborough
  • Engineers in Totnes

What we are doing-

Installing a gas valve in Paignton

Installing a gas hose in Whilborough

Fixing a radiator leak in Brixham

Installing a new  plume management kit and a flue cage in Brixham

Boiler services in Torquay

Power flushing a system in Brixham

Lagging in Buckfastleigh

Installing a cage in Buckfastleigh

Installing a flue cage in Paignton

Installing a new air vent in Paignton.


Its a very busy day for our engineers and Laura and Graham are on finance training today and also went for a tour around the Worcester factory.


This is Worcester boiler Matt fitted yesterday in Dartmouth