Today we have-

  • Engineers in Paignton
  • Engineers in Brixham

What we are doing-

We are doing a free boiler installation quote in Paignton

Another boiler installation quote in Brixham

A boiler installation in Paignton

Fitting a radiator in Brixham

Connecting gas hob in Brixham

Boiler services in Brixham

Balancing a system in Brixham

Showing a customer how to use there central heating system

Helping a customer Know how to use a timer for their central heating in Paignton

Removing a radiator in Paignton

Leak on a basin in Paignton

photo_20161212123852-jpg photo_20161213164341-jpg

Matt and Rob have been doing a central heating in a church in Brixham this week, Here’s Rob at work!



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