Today we have-

  • Engineers in Dartmouth
  • Engineers in Paignton
  • Engineers in Torquay
  • Engineers in Brixham

What we are doing-

Today Matt the engineer is doing a boiler install in Brixham

We are capping off the gas at a property in Paignton

Fixing a heating fault in Brixham

Fixing a ‘E10’ fault on a boiler in Dartmouth

Fixing a leak in a Blue River property in Dartmouth

Boiler Services in Torquay

Installing radiators in Torquay

Installing a bathroom in Torquay


Laura and Graham have returned off there holiday from Costa Del Sol! They had an amazing time with their two smallest children and are now back in the office after their lovely time off. Emilie has been running the office alongside Sam who has popped in every now and then to help out. They have worked great as a team!