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Liquid Petroleum Gas Engineers in South Devon, Torbay, Plymouth & Exeter (LPG Mobile Catering)

Do you own a business with LPG Mobile Catering? A mobile catering business is an opportunity to provide hot food/drink to people in locations where cafes are not available. If you own a mobile catering service, LPG can be used to work gas related appliances. You will legally need a Gas Safety Certificate and will need a annual Gas Safety Check by a fully qualified engineer. This is too make sure that everything is working safely to prevent harm to you, staff or customers if something was to go faulty. The Gas Safety Checks will let you know before hand if there is a fault that could cause damage or inefficiency to any appliance so it can be repaired promptly and professionally. Your local Council will need proof of your Gas Safety Checks along with your certificate in order for you to be able to be in the mobile catering trade legally. It should be drawn to the owners attention that it is highly recommended that they do not and pipework or fixtures themselves as it is dangerous and should be completed by a fully qualified engineer to avoid future costs if the work is not done to the correct specification. We take pride in what we can carry out here at Just Gas. This is because we can carry out anything anyone needs.

Just Gas are one of the very few that have engineers in Devon that can deal with LPG and are fully registered to carry out any works needed. Please call us on 01803 55 55 77 for more information and to ask any questions.

Or email justgasltd@msn.com


We can also supply all equipment needed at a lower rate than a regular customer. and obviously come and fit it all in safely.

Graham is fully qualified to deal with LPG. We are training our other engineers to deal with LPG as well.

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