If you have a funny gas smell in your house it could be extremely urgent!

Today we have some engineers attending an emergency gas leak. This is a HIGH Priority for all engineers that if there is a gas leak we will drop what we are doing and come to the rescue!

If you want to detect a gas leak, you will need to look for the following things-

What colour is the flame? If it’s yellowy-orange and not Blue that is a sign there is a leak somewhere.

Have you got excessive condensation on the windows?

Does the pilot light keep going out?

Look out for any burnt “scorched” looking areas around your appliance.

If you have some/all of these signs or still a slight suspicion there may still be a slight leak. Turn the gas off straight away at the gas meter


Open all windows and any back doors to get as much fresh air in as possible and disperse the gas

If this is not possible for any reason, you will need to leave the property by one of the doors to get some fresh air and to not re enter until told safe to do so by a gas safe engineer

If you are in the house with all the windows open, avoid using any electrical switches (Light switches, plugs, doorbells) Also avoid Smoking, candles and any naked flames as all of the above can cause explosions in severe cases.

Once these steps are all taken and acknowledged, you must call us on 01803 55 55 77 and we will be able to get an engineer to you at ours earliest time as we will cancel anything to come and make sure there are no gas leaks or the problem is found and rectified.