Some of our most FAQ’s.

How much is a quotation?

Our quotations are absolutely free of charge. Graham will come out to you and give you a quote for the job that needs doing. This could be a boiler install or a complete central heating installation. We also do plumbing as well so if you wanted a Bathroom install, Graham would also come out free of charge.

What do you do in a boiler service?

To carry out a complete boiler service, it will be completed in just a little under an hour and we will undertake a complete check as listed.

  • The condition of the boiler casing
  • We would check internally and externally to make sure there is not water leaks.
  • All gas rates will be checked on the boiler to make sure it is not burning too much gas.
  • we will insert a flue gas analyser probe into your boiler to make sure it is burning correctly and you have the right gas to air ratios needed to make sure that the boiler is not producing high levels of carbon monoxide.
  • Gas tightness test to check for gas leaks on any pipe work or fittings
  • Gas pressure test to check the appliance is operating at the correct gas pressure
  • A flue test to ensure there are no unsafe emissions from your boiler
  • Inspect your boiler and controls to make sure they are operating safely and correctly.
  • Visually inspect the boiler to check for corrosion or leaks

How much is a boiler service?

A boiler service is £50 +VAT

How much is a Gas Safety Certificate?

A Gas Safety certificate is £60 + VAT. But you can have a boiler service and a Gas Safety Certificate together for only £80 +VAT!

What happens if I have an emergency or gas leak and no one can get out to me? Should I wait until you’re available?

No! You must get this sorted immediately, we must clarify that the gas is extremely deadly to breathe in. If none of our engineers can come out to you, you must call wales + West emergency number which is: 0800 111 999 but for the most part, we will get an engineer out to you immediately

How can we pay?

You can pay in many different ways. Our new most preferred way is over the phone, we also do bank transfer, by cash, by cheque and we are setting up putting boiler installs on finance! Why not check out our payment page. It will have all the information you need!